Top 5 Winter Fruits to Eat this Festive Season

Top 5 Winter Fruits to Eat this Festive Season | Office Fruit Delivery

Top 5 Winter Fruits

Posted November 15th, 2019 by Fruidel Team

1. Clementine

A clementine looks a lot like an orange. That is because it is in a way. It is actually a mixture between a mandarin orange and a sweet orange.

So if you are needing a solid dose of vitamin C over the winter months, then this might be a good choice. They naturally produce over the winter months in warmer climates like Florida.

Which means, if you live in Florida you can grow them yourself. But if you live in colder parts of the world during the winter months, then at least take comfort in knowing that they are most likely being shipped in from areas that they are growing in their natural forms.

2. Dates

Date plums are small like a plum but are yellow in colour. They have no cholesterol but a ton of fiber. This fruit also packs a ton of Vitamin A and C.

So this would be a great choice during the winter months. Winter and early spring is the peak of flu season so anything you can eat to boost your immune system is a huge bonus.

Dates are a tiny fruit with a bunch of benefits. It is a fruit that is high in many vitamins and minerals. They contain a lot of calcium and iron which is great for those that are facing anemia or have brittle bones.

But perhaps, dates are best known for their fiber content. Often, dates are made into a paste and mixed with other food items like yogurt, bread, or butter. This is so people can be relieved of disorders such as constipation in a tasty way.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is another fruit that often produces in warmer climates over the winter months. This fruit is great as a juice or eaten by itself. I personally love to add a little sweetener or honey to it and eat the inner part of the fruit.

But regardless of how you like to enjoy your grapefruit, you should know that it is high in Vitamin C and is very good to help your immune system make it through the cold months where it seems colds and the flu are always flying around the air.

4. Kiwi Fruit

The kiwi fruit is a delicious yet, funny fruit. The reason I say it is funny is that it has this fuzzy outer shell that it must be peeled out of.

Then you can enjoy the soft, green fleshy inside that goes great in a lot of citrus winter salads. Kiwi is known for its high levels of vitamin C and for its antioxidant powers.