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Say No To Plastic - The Eco-friendly Solution - Reducing Fruit Waste

Reducing Fruit Waste

Posted July 8th, 2019 by Fruidel Team

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Help to protect our ocean and change your attitude towards plastic

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REFUSE – Say ‘NO’ to single use plastic when ever you can. Retailers will try to force you to take plastic bags. Say ‘NO’. Take reusable shopping bags. If you go for a drink refuse the straws. If suppliers insist that products have to be wrapped ask if they have an alternative.

REDUCE – Look at the plastic that you use. Are there alternatives and could you cut it down? Do you need to buy bottled water, or could you use a refillable solution. Are there alternatives to the plastic products you are using, if so try them out.

REUSE – There are many products out there that are reusable rather than disposable. Look for cutlery, straws and packaging that can be used again and again. Not only will it help the oceans, it will probably save you money as well.

RECYCLE – If you have tried to refuse and reduce and there are no reusable items available you may need a plastic product. Make sure you check that it can be recycled when you have finished with it. Then don’t forget to recycle it.

Fruidel’s Pledge

Fruidel promises to use compostable clear wrap completely plastic free.