Healthy Snacks in the workplace – the benefits

Healthy Snacks in the workplace - the benefits | Healthy snacks on the go

Healthy Snacks

Posted October 24th, 2019 by Fruidel Team

Why do we snack more at work?

Anyone who has spent time working in an office has seen how quickly a box of doughnuts gets demolished. But it’s not just genuinely tasty snacks that get gobbled up. Those three cinnamon raisin bagel quarters left over after the board meeting? Gone in seconds. Picked over Halloween candy someone’s kid didn’t want? Eaten in record time.

Free food

Global recession has impacted companies massively which has meant cut backs in wellbeing, company perks and pay reviews across all sectors. So when your manager brings in cake or pizza you jump at the chance of a freebie as a reward for hard work and dedication. 

Beware the office feeder

Every office has them: the colleague who brings in the donuts, the other who brings in homemade banana bread loaded with fat, calories, sugar.

The stress reliever

Another factor might be stress, eating comfort foods seems to reduce stress and anxiety in a number of people. 

Choose Healthy snacks on the go

Encourage your employees to make healthier snacking choices and avoid those harmful refined sugars by offering a free healthy snack box. Healthy Snack Box delivers healthy office snacks – providing convenient access to millions of healthy snacks per year, delivered right to your doorstep. Made with nutritious, whole ingredients, whilst ensuring taste is top priority, SnackBox will keep your team fuelled with on-the-go snacks that help increase productivity  and make them feel cared for.