Fruity Friday – Office Fruit Delivery

Fruity Friday - Office Fruit Delivery | Reducing your carbon footprint

Fruity Friday - Office Fruit Delivery

Posted September 6th, 2019 by Fruidel Team

How we order fruit and milk could help reduce our carbon footprint

With Brexit dominating political agenda and mainstream media there is little space for discussion on issues such as the growing rise in knife crime and climate change.

But with political activism on the rise inspired by environmental activists such as BBC’s David Peterborough and documentaries highlighting the human impact on the planet with ‘single use plastics’ being the hot topic. It’s only a matter of time that things like this will have to be tackled.

As the Famous folk artist body Dylan once said ‘Times are a charging’ and we as the human race will be faced with the harsh reality that if we don’t take some action now, that one day it may be too late.

Reducing your carbon footprint – could we do more?

Ordering milk in cartons, cycling to work, re-using plastic bottles are small but effect ways us as consumers can help. Fruidel re-use wooded wicker baskets packed full of fruit – once the office has finished with the weekly fruit harvest a driver will pick up, swap then replenish the basket – recycled 1000s of times. And most importantly not using single use plastics.

Office fruit delivery in wooden wicker baskets

Great for the environment and a valuable perk for the office improving productivity and promoting healthy eating. Get your five-a-day with Fruidel – to find out more see our fruit basket options.