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Our Story

Fruidel wasn’t just born out of an ambition; it was the result of a vision to make a meaningful difference in the corporate world. Our founder, Stephen, envisioned a service that would not only support health and well-being in the workplace but also cultivate a sense of community and sustainability.

 From a simple question – “Why don’t we supply fruit?” – Fruidel has grown into a trusted partner for over 3000 offices nationwide, delivering more than just fruit boxes but a commitment to quality, reliability, and excellence.

We Plant A Tree With the International Tree Foundation  For Every Fruit Basket Delivered.

Office Fruit

Handpicked, fresh, premium fruits delivered straight to your office.

Milk Delivery

High-quality, fresh milk sourced responsibly to complement your office pantry.

Healthy Snacks

A variety of nutritious and delicious snacks to keep your team energised.


At the heart of Fruidel lies a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Why Choose Fruidel?

Choosing Fruidel means opting for quality, convenience, and variety. Here’s why we stand out in the office snack delivery service in the UK

office fruit delivery

Enhancing Workplace Wellness

Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-rooted belief in the power of healthy living. By choosing Fruidel, you’re not just opting for a service but embracing a healthier, more joyful office environment.

Our story is ongoing, and with every fruit box, bottle of milk , and snack basket delivered, we’re writing new chapters of success, wellness, and community engagement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Choosing Fruidel means aligning with a partner dedicated to advancing Corporate Social Responsibility in every facet of its business. Our collaboration with the International Tree Foundation highlights our commitment to not just delivering quality products but nurturing the planet for future generations. With over 6 million trees planted in 12 years and a goal of planting 50 million by 2030, our efforts with ITF exemplify our dedication to creating a sustainable impact.


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