5 Ways Reduce Plastic Pollution

5 Ways Reduce Plastic Pollution | Eco-friendly Solutions

Reduce Plastic Pollution

Posted February 14th, 2020 by Fruidel Team

Plastic pollution is a global crisis that is only getting worse, with approximately 10 to 20 million metric tons of plastic ending up in the ocean every year. Activists, such as Extinction Rebellion, are taking the fight to corporations and governments, urging them to take action to reduce plastic waste. In this blog, we will explore five simple ways to reduce plastic pollution.

  1. By reducing our use of single-use plastics, such as food bags, plastic bags, disposable cutlery, straws, and coffee cup lids, we can make a significant impact in reducing plastic pollution. So, let’s pledge to Reduce Plastic Pollution by using sustainable alternatives and reducing our plastic footprint.
  2. Saying no to plastic straws is another straightforward way to Reduce Plastic Pollution. Corporations, such as McDonald’s, are already phasing out plastic straws, which is great news for our oceans. We can also do our part by using metal or bamboo straws, or simply drinking from the glass or can.
  3. Getting milk delivered in glass bottles is an excellent alternative to purchasing milk in plastic bottles.  This is a fantastic way to Reduce Plastic Pollution and support local businesses.
  4. Avoiding excessive food packaging is another way to Reduce Plastic Pollution. Making different choices in the supermarket or choosing a different place to shop can significantly cut down on the plastic we buy. Additionally, loose fruit and vegetables are often cheaper than pre-packaged alternatives. By choosing unpackaged options, we can Reduce Pollution and save money at the same time.
  5. Finally, avoiding bottled water can have a significant impact on Reducing Plastic Pollution. 20 billion plastic bottles are thrown away every year. By carrying a reusable water bottle with you, you’ll never have to resort to bottled water again. This not only helps to Reduce Plastic Pollution but also saves money and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, Reducing Plastic Pollution is a global responsibility that requires small changes to make a big impact. Together, we can create a more sustainable future and preserve the beauty of our planet for generations to come. Implementing these five simple steps is a great way to start. So, let’s take action today and do our part!

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